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Market Wrap: Bitcoin Slumps Below $20K as Long-Term Holders Face Massive Selling Pressure

Big things coming soon. Stay tuned.

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I'm totally against any restrictions. A person may not be able to get a verified account. like me!

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Having a man who’s soft when it comes to YOU is TOP TIER 😩 that nonchalant, no emotion, no effort is for the birds, WE TOO GROWN... Hold my hands, kiss my face, randomly hug & kiss me, etc. Being w the wrong person will make you feel like you just asking for too much.

Now I'm curious too. Where are the $1.2bn $BTC reserves in LFG treasury? Why they are refusing to give an answer?

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While all the crypto is rapidly crashing YouHodler guys offers its help to the holders offering the best interest on crypto,especially stable coins. Plus,it's really secure. It has 150M USD crime insurance,smooth and simple identity verification process, and its regulated company

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Because keeping some of the reserves is the only way they can survive if they can't raise from anyone. But if people find out they have some, there will be an instant outrage to pay it out to the "victims." So they are likely in pure survival mode and imagine the legal fees

BITCOIN CRASHING. Great news. As stated in previous Tweets I am waiting for Bitcoin to crash to 20k. Will then wait for test of bottom which might be $17k. Once I know bottom is in I back up the truck. Crashes are best times to get rich. Take care.

NEW: “#Bitcoin is the most important computer science invention since the internet.” - U.S. Senate Candidate Bryan Solstin 🇺🇸

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Never get carried away with the noise on social media. Allow your system to bring the qualified trades to you.

After all, u have invested 100s & 1000s of hours developing ur system via rigorous backtesting. Let the system do its job via alert while you enjoy your free time!

With 1 Lakh capital, a 50% win rate trading system with 1:2 Risk Reward gives you 50% profits once you complete 100 trades consistently with discipline. Trading is as simple as that!

What is the most important keyword in the above message which defines success??

Successful traders remain calm during their losing streak because they knows its a phase and its a part of their trading plan. They accept the situation & move on instead of changing their proven system or attempt to change anything.

Maturity comes with experience!

Happy Graphic Designer day 🌿💚

Do you feel nostalgic here? do you agree?😉😍

US Options liquid stocks are giving some amazing moves both sides these days especially if you are a directional player. You just need to time your entry and manage your risk reward well. Repeat!

Your trading journey can get better from today itself if you make this simple adjustment in your trading plan -

1. You will take a trade if it offers a minimum 1:2 risk reward
2. You will not take more than 1% loss on trading capital per trade

Get ready for the #Measles perfect storm:
- worldwide, vaccinations are down
- big antivaxxer push in Africa & Asia
- 100s of Ms of kids coming out of #COVID19 isolation/lockdowns
- worldwide measles cases increased by 79% in the first two months of 2022

If Yul Edochie's wife was the one who had a baby with another man, Nigerians will drag her to filth & cancel her, but Yul is getting away with his act cos he's a man; The double standards practiced in today's society is beyond d!sgusting. Men practically get away with everything.

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Look at🇨🇳right now.The lock down forCOVID is horrible&people r starving &can’t leave their homes&uTrump supporters complain about the left in theUS taking civil liberties away by requiring😷 We’ll live in🇨🇳or🇷🇺&u can see for yourself what’s it’s really like to have no freedom!

Rooting for the Celtics to win the NBA title just so Enes Freedom gets a ring.

Idk how this is gonna work out. But in the end Melo will be a laker and Charlotte will be as terrible at basketball as freedom drive is to take a vacation.

guys idk if i should do a study abroad or internship abroad bc either way i wanna end up in america, and if i do study abroad then that means college parties, but internship means freedom and no exams ??? SOMEONE HELP!!!

We need to find the next $shib $doge at .00000002 lol these are fun!

Train your eyes to pick just one price pattern and you can trade it on any timeframe. Have 1:2 risk reward and you will never look back.

One such price action pattern is VCP or ascending triangle pattern (in other words).

Spot it right and make a killing in your trading!

Watched Gullak season 3 and loved every bit of it. Reminded me of my childhood time in Meerut and made me nostalgic.

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