࿐❁۪۪S卄? ❁۪۪࿐ ↪ NO DM↩

࿐❁۪۪S卄? ❁۪۪࿐ ↪ NO DM↩

Almost every Easter I'd be out celebrating on the beach. Thanks #BlackfaceHitler and Cave Goblin for cuck blocking that, you insufferable shits.
Cheers to beaches, sunsets, margaritas, vacations, freedom to travel - may we get to enjoy these again very soon 🌞🍹

The ability to customize the command palette’s keyboard shortcuts is now available to all github.com users in beta. Customize the keyboard shortcuts for opening the command palette in search and command modes in the Accessibility section of your user settings.


When I’m president I will:

1. Remove 99% of taxes
2. Ban lip fillers and fake eyelashes
3. Bring back 90s culture and beauty
4. Disengage from all wars in the world
5. Create equality of opportunity not outcome

Who’s voting for me? 😆

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#Ukraine #Russia #Canada My reflection of Michael Ignatieffs essay on the, "Buck stops here," is his analysis of refugee and global movement of money. In that regard, funding "Ukraine" is funding global terrorism, or any group. #stopthemoney

Maybe Democrats need to learn how to message on the true evil the Republican party is & always has been. Bring floaties to a gun fight doesn't work. You want 2 win, U better call out everything they have done, since Reagan slashed education N 1981.

I get why Tim Pool canceled the Nashville 'do. Totally understand and sympathize.
That said: Just once, I want an event organizer to respond to a tankie death threat with 'Kay. Hundreds of people will be there in an Open Carry state. Good luck'.

If you can't have a disagreement without hurling insults you're too emotionally attached to your ideas.

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Everyone in #Ukraine is fighting for the freedom and future of our country, regardless of age, gender, etc. Someone on the home front and someone on the front line. In this video - a woman tank gunner. Incredible 💪💙💛