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For Bitcoin, I imagine such a path that it wants to follow path A and test the price of 14,000 and return to the upward trend from there. But it can completely return to the ascending channel from the price of 16,500 like path B. In any case, we are reaching the end of the reform and the reform is coming to an end.
This is an analysis, and it can be destroyed by the spread of news, etc. Please always be vigilant about your chart.
If the $14,000 support is lost, Bitcoin can test the $10,000 channel
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We have been in downward markets since November. Do you think the reform will end soon? Or will it continue? Could ETH be the best year 2023? It depends on the cows, the power of the cows can bring it to its historical peak📉📈
This is just an idea.💡
News will be very influential and can change the course of analysis.🗒📝
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There are several possible moves and I will share two of them to indicate that BTC will choose one of these paths. It is currently involved in its canal. If it reacts to the bottom of the canal and stabilizes, we will see movement towards the canal roof, and if the canal loses, the movement towards its support will continue.📈📉
This is just an idea.💡
News will be very influential and can change the course of analysis.🗒📝
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