Today in freedom of speech, politicians are allowed to talk about Jesus, but archbishops aren't allowed to talk about politics.

I cant believe the liberals are doing everything possible to stop Elon Musk from buying Twitter. They are trying to hold this successful African American down. Let’s stand with our
African American brother who’s fighting for Freedom of Speech

Let Freedom Ring,Let Freedom Ring🛎

Tredto is available to everyone. There are no restrictions on registration.
We will not collect any information about your gender, country and age. But you have to be careful in publishing the content. Because the most important thing for us is freedom of expression, and this happens right when respect also prevails in this society. The red alarm will sound when someone tries to publish offensive, sexually explicit or immoral material. We will not allow the publication of such content. We must realize that all moral, sexual and religious tendencies are precious to us.

When I’m president I will:

1. Remove 99% of taxes
2. Ban lip fillers and fake eyelashes
3. Bring back 90s culture and beauty
4. Disengage from all wars in the world
5. Create equality of opportunity not outcome

Who’s voting for me? 😆

What's better than Dependabot letting you know when you've got a vulnerable dependency? Dependabot showing you exactly how you call the vulnerable code path.

Almost every Easter I'd be out celebrating on the beach. Thanks #BlackfaceHitler and Cave Goblin for cuck blocking that, you insufferable shits.
Cheers to beaches, sunsets, margaritas, vacations, freedom to travel - may we get to enjoy these again very soon 🌞🍹