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For the first challenge of the poll, which continent are you from?

North or South America

Europe or Oceania



1 year from now you will either have 1 year of excuses or 1 year of progress. The choice is yours!


No, thank you

In response Doctor Gerhard to his Publication

VARIANT UPDATE—#BA2 subvariant family continues to grow to now 96.8% with the more aggressive sub-subvariant BA.2.12.1 now at 28.7% and surging quickly. Old #Ba1 Omicron nearly extinct. Be cautious folks. #CovidIsNotOver

It's paper loss until you actually sell.
I originally bought crypto 2017-18 long story short, by March 2020 my portfolio was down >90%...didn't sell any at loss, just HODL'd and the rest is history, only up since then.
Patience is a virtue and will pay off in the long term.

Record-breaking U.S.-Turkey 2021 trade data is officially in!


$28B in bilateral trade, including approx:

- $12B in U.S. exports 🇺🇸
- $16B in Turkish exports 🇹🇷
- 30% increase since 2020
- the U.S. became Turkey's 2nd largest export market

Why we sold our 300k house and went all in on #bitcoin ?

Our house on 1-1-16 was 681 BTC
Our house on 1-1-17 was 300 BTC
Our house on 1-1-18 was 22 BTC
Our house on 1-1-19 was 77 BTC
Our house on 1-1-20 was 42 BTC
Our house on 1-1-21 was 10 BTC
Our house on 1-1-22 was 6 BTC🌟

So China start severely clamping down on their population due to “Covid” at the start of each election year.

Funny how that works out.

Rooting for the Celtics to win the NBA title just so Enes Freedom gets a ring.

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Canada’s largest newspaper calls the word freedom the “f-word”. They find it bizarre and dangerous, even unpatriotic.

The ability to customize the command palette’s keyboard shortcuts is now available to all users in beta. Customize the keyboard shortcuts for opening the command palette in search and command modes in the Accessibility section of your user settings.


Secret scanning w/ push protection is now available! Block pushes containing secrets from ever going through in the first place! (Yes, we are using this internally!)

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