#Ukraine #Russia #Canada My reflection of Michael Ignatieffs essay on the, "Buck stops here," is his analysis of refugee and global movement of money. In that regard, funding "Ukraine" is funding global terrorism, or any group. #stopthemoney

"Free speech," like a "free market," is impossible -- not just empirically impossible but *conceptually* impossible. Shared rules, shared restraints, make it possible for everyone to speak. Without them, the powerful dominate & less powerful have no freedom at all.

Maybe Democrats need to learn how to message on the true evil the Republican party is & always has been. Bring floaties to a gun fight doesn't work. You want 2 win, U better call out everything they have done, since Reagan slashed education N 1981.

It’s your drive and passion for financial freedom that will get you through the rough patches, the doubts, and the setbacks.

I'm Mohammad Javad, nicknamed Houman, a financial market analyst📉📈
Im here to share my experience with you
Financial markets, especially cryptocurrencies, are now the best opportunity for long-term investment, as well as a way to have a daily income.💸💰
The world is moving towards digitalization, so join me in this path to learn the secrets of this amazing system.😍😍

Canada’s largest newspaper calls the word freedom the “f-word”. They find it bizarre and dangerous, even unpatriotic.

I cannot predict what will happen in our country, but I do believe we will look back and be appalled at the failures of journalism in this period of clear and in my lifetime, unprecedented, attacks on freedom of speech and our democratic institutions.

What a basketball game my LORD

Rooting for the Celtics to win the NBA title just so Enes Freedom gets a ring.

Watched Gullak season 3 and loved every bit of it. Reminded me of my childhood time in Meerut and made me nostalgic.

Before you start dreaming about making BIG profits (lakhs & crores) from markets, try to focus on getting "small profits" & try to "be consistent".

It's easy to scale up when conviction is high based on the current results.

I should write a book about my 21 years or so of trading stocks and options. I have lost aprrox 4 million US dollars trading options. I have made up to 550k in a day nothing beats that feeling. I could teach so many people risk reward and reality. Experts lost my money too.
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Stock market in 2 lines 😉😉

No high is high as long as there is demand

No low is low as long as there is supply

…and this supply and demand drives the market. Period!!

You cant get away from gap ups or gap downs if you are holding overnight positions so stop worrying about them. Consider a specific % of trades would go wrong due to this and move on. Dont just hung up in finding a crack for this.

In response Trader Official to his Publication

People change their trading system after every few failed trades and then complain that nothing works in trading.

A scratch trade with an acceptance of being wrong is much better than a big loss trade with a big ego of being right.
Acceptance is a bliss in trading!

21,000,000 BTC / 7,900,000,000 People on Earth = 0.0026 #BTC per person.

376 people fighting for each #bitcoin . Not to mention that around 20% are lost forever.