#Ukraine #Russia #Canada My reflection of Michael Ignatieffs essay on the, "Buck stops here," is his analysis of refugee and global movement of money. In that regard, funding "Ukraine" is funding global terrorism, or any group. #stopthemoney

"Free speech," like a "free market," is impossible -- not just empirically impossible but *conceptually* impossible. Shared rules, shared restraints, make it possible for everyone to speak. Without them, the powerful dominate & less powerful have no freedom at all.

It’s your drive and passion for financial freedom that will get you through the rough patches, the doubts, and the setbacks.

Maybe Democrats need to learn how to message on the true evil the Republican party is & always has been. Bring floaties to a gun fight doesn't work. You want 2 win, U better call out everything they have done, since Reagan slashed education N 1981.