A scratch trade with an acceptance of being wrong is much better than a big loss trade with a big ego of being right.
Acceptance is a bliss in trading!

You cant get away from gap ups or gap downs if you are holding overnight positions so stop worrying about them. Consider a specific % of trades would go wrong due to this and move on. Dont just hung up in finding a crack for this.

In response Trader Official to his Publication

People change their trading system after every few failed trades and then complain that nothing works in trading.

Stock market in 2 lines 😉😉

No high is high as long as there is demand

No low is low as long as there is supply

…and this supply and demand drives the market. Period!!

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Guns, Germs, Steel, and #bitcoin .

Quite often we get exit signal at the right time but we keep justifying our current position is right & keep averaging on the fall (in case of long position). That’s the first thing you must change if you want to survive & thrive in the markets.

Accept your mistake & move on!

Most people only focus on winning & winning big and they lose

If they shift their focus to just lose small when they are wrong, the results would dramatically change.